We are dedicated to the natural cultivation of avocados in the fertile soils of Wakayama, Japan.
If we were to describe our agricultural philosophy, it would be attention to detail in all aspects of the process. In other words, we are hardcore. We deeply consider every process, from the type of avocado, soils, cultivation, to the rituals of harvest season. We commit without compromise. There is no other greater value we can deliver.


Arida in Wakayama Prefecture is graced with abundant sunlight, warm sea breezes, and is renowned for its mikan oranges, harvested for centuries at the beginning of each autumn. With the increase in fallow land due to the aging population, we began our attempts to revitalize the available agricultural land into sustainable avocado farming. We coexist with the microorganisms, fungi, and insects. Our mission is to protect soil that regenerates naturally.