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The Bacon Variety

The avocado we cultivate is of the Bacon variety. With a thin skin, it's rare produce for Japan, and its delicacy means it cannot be imported from overseas. Distinguished by its lustrous, beautiful green skin and plump, generously sized flesh, a creamy and smooth flavor, with minimal bitterness, letting you savor the avocado's inherent rich depth.


Meticulous Natural Cultivation

We refrain from using herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. This is to protect the local soil and environment according to a natural cycle and in coexistence with microbes, fungi, and insects. The avocados nurtured in this vibrant earth are not only safe, but also brimming with diverse nutrients and the true, unaltered flavor of the fruit.


Ripened on the tree

We let our avocados ripen completely on the tree. Imported avocados are often harvested semi-ripe to withstand the long transport and delivery, and are then artificially ripened once they arrive, losing their genuine taste. Waiting until the fruit has stored sufficient oils and the nutrients are concentrated is the secret to their delicious taste.


Harvesting at Full Moon

The bio-dynamic farming we practice emphasizes the phases of the moon, to maximize the vitality of plants. We harvest avocados during the autumn full moon phase when the nutrients are most concentrated at the periphery. This ensures we pick the fruit at the perfect moment, when its flavor is most intense and juicy. All of this is done to harvest and deliver the finest avocados in prime condition.



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